Glow In The Dark Contacts

By | February 16, 2015

Wearing glow in the dark contact lenses might be a fun idea, but most people wonder if they are really safe to wear. Thousands of these special contact lenses are sold each year, mainly around Halloween. Glow in the dark contacts can be purchased with or without a prescription. If you currently wear contact lenses then it would be wise for you to see your eye doctor, and get a prescription for these lenses. This way you ensure that the glow in the dark contacts are safe for your eyes.

Glow in the dark contacts are the latest fad or fashion accessory. Found in eyewear sections in selected stores, these lenses come in a variety of colors and types. The surface of the lens is covered with a luminescent material: this makes them glow. However, they do not glow in complete darkness, and they don’t glow under bright lights. Glow in the dark contact lenses are best worn at clubs, or in other such dimly lit places.


Glow in the dark contact lenses were once only used in films for special effects. Today, many people buy them to wear them Halloween parties, or just for the shock value. Some people enjoy changing their lenses to match the occasion or maybe a special outfit. For people who must wear, or just love to wear, contact lenses, why not opt for a colorful glow in the dark lens that will surely set you apart from the crowd?

Color Choices

Glow in the dark contact lenses are available in a wide variety of colors. Match them to your outfit, or the occasion, or just pick a color you love. White lenses look really terrifying under the lights in a club. Or choose a light purple, or a light blue. Lots of people choose orange and fiery red lenses to wear to Halloween parties. Brown and green lenses are another big hit at fall parties, as are an orange and yellow combo lense.

Safety Precautions

If you want to wear your glow in the dark contact lenses safely, whether just for Halloween parties, or any time throughout the year, follow the guidelines below to ensure your eyes stay safe and healthy:

  • Visit an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) who will give you a thorough eye exam, measure your eyes, discuss with you the proper way to insert and remove your contact lenses, and teach you how to properly care for them.
  • Get a valid prescription from your ophthalmologist. Your prescription should include a brand name, measurements for both lenses, and an expiration date.
  • Follow any advice given on how to properly clean, disinfect and wear your glow in the dark contact lenses.
  • Do not share contact lenses with other people. Doing so increases your risk of getting an eye infection.
  • Visit your eye doctor for follow up exams. This will ensure your eyes stay healthy and your prescription is up to date.
  • Only purchase glow in the dark contact lenses from reputable dealers who ask for a prescription.
  • If your eyes start to feel uncomfortable or they hurt, or you notice any swelling, redness or discharge coming from them, remove the contacts and immediately go to your eye doctor for the proper treatment and medicines.

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