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Good Sources of Calcium

Calcium is necessary for many bodily functions. Calcium is needed for nerve transmission, hormonal production, intracellular signals, muscle functions, vasodilation and vascular contraction. Calcium is the most common mineral inside the body. The body doesn’t even need 1% of its total calcium to keep up those necessary metabolic functions. Serum calcium doesn’t change according to… Read More »

Pain Under Left Armpit

Did you know that the armpit is a very sensitive part of your body? There are a ton of blood vessels and nerves that run through your armpit. People don’t normally think of the armpit as a place where they would feel a lot of pain, but pain can be felt there from a variety… Read More »

Numbness In Right Hand

Numbness in either hand may indicate there is a problem with circulation or nerves. Numbness on one side is usually due to a nerve problem in the arm, hand or shoulder. If nerves are not involved, then the numbness is often due to a lack of circulation in the hand. There are a number of… Read More »

Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Some Of The Many Causes Of Sharp Pain Between The Shoulder Blades: Lifestyle Changes: Life in the fast lane often means eating an unhealthy diet, losing sleep and neglecting to exercise regularly. Tension builds in your body and the lack of proper food and exercise may lead directly to shoulder pains. Injuries or Trauma: Any… Read More »

Finger Twitching

Twitching fingers can be caused by a range of things, including nerve injuries, deficiencies in the diet, muscle spasms, disorders of the central nervous system or electrolyte imbalance. Some people also suffer with tingling or a numb feeling alongside the twitching. Sufferers may start searching for a concrete cause for their symptoms when the twitching… Read More »

How To Stop Muscle Spasms

There are many things that cause muscle spasms. Strenuous activities, especially those that involve running, jumping, stretching and flying through the air, can – and often do – overuse or injure muscles throughout the body. Muscle spasms are usually the result of overextending the muscles. However, you can also get muscle spasms from compressing the… Read More »

Bunion Surgery Cost

Bunions are bony bumps that form on your big toe. The bunion forms at the base of the big toe; as it forms it pushes the big toe inwards toward the second toe. Bunions contain both soft tissue and bone, and are considered a type of deformity. The most common cause of bunions is wearing… Read More »

Ankle Pain After Running

One of the most common medical problems affecting our population right now is ankle pain – especially after running. Athletes, and your every day average Joe Runner, often complain about ankle pain. As more and more people take up running and jogging as a sport, this type of injury keeps rising. Roughly half of all… Read More »

Red Blotches on Legs

There are many conditions that cause red blotches to form on your legs. You should visit your doctor if you notice any red blotches on your legs. They could simply be a normal rash, or could be something worse. Your doctor will ask you many questions about other symptoms you might be experiencing. In this… Read More »