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Bump on roof of mouth

It’s not uncommon to find lumps in various locations around your body. You may occasionally notice a bump appearing on the roof of your mouth. However, a bump on the roof of your mouth isn’t necessarily something that you need to worry about. Sometimes such a bump is caused by underlying issues, that’s true, but… Read More »

Sore Under Tongue

When you have a painfully sore tongue you can usually look at it and figure out why it hurts. You might have bitten it, or burnt it on hot food or drink. However, there are times that the tongue can be sore and there is no outward sign of any problem. If you are experiencing… Read More »

Swollen Gums Around Tooth

Did you know that over three quarters of Americans over the age of 35 will suffer gum disease (also know as periodontal disease)? The majority of people who develop gum disease will develop gingivitis, which is the less serious form of the disease. However, up to 15% may develop periodontitis, a much more severe kind… Read More »

Bumps On Back Of Tongue

The tongue is just about the strongest muscle in the whole body. This small muscle allows us to taste our food, swallow it, and talk (but not all at the same time!) A healthy tongue should be pink and covered with small nodules called papillae. The circumvallate papillae, or vallate papillae, are the large bumps… Read More »

Bad Taste In Back Of Throat

Have you ever taken an over-the-counter medicine and then noticed a bad taste in the back of your throat? This is a pretty common side effect for a lot of people. Prescription medicines may also leave a nasty taste in your throat. However, medicines are not the only thing that can leave a bitter taste… Read More »

Uvula Functions

The roof of your mouth is comprised of two different sections – the hard palate, which is at the front of the mouth, and the soft palate which takes up the back of the roof of your mouth. Your uvula – that dangling thing that looks like a hanging water balloon – hangs from the… Read More »

Canker Sore Under Tongue

Canker sores can cause a lot of pain and discomfort – as you’ll know if you’ve ever taken orange juice while suffering from canker sores. Canker sores are shallow open sores in the mouth that are rather common – around one in five people suffer canker sores regularly. Canker sores usually healt without needing any… Read More »

Dry Skin Around The Mouth

Dry, cracked, scaly and flaky skin around your mouth is a very common condition, especially during the cold winter months. Dry air inside and cold air outside work together to cause overly dry skin. At times these dry areas may itch, or bleed. They may appear white, or inflamed and red. Any treatment for dry… Read More »

Bumps Under Tongue

Did you know that your tongue is a strong muscular organ? It is a sense organ that is responsible for taste. The covering on the tongue is a pink, moist tissue that is called mucosa. The rough texture of the tongue is due to tiny bumps which are called papillae. The surface of these papillae… Read More »