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What Does Kidney Pain Feel Like ?

The kidneys are located on each side of the body, more towards the back. The lower ribs offer the kidneys some protection from outside forces. The left kidney is situated just a bit higher than the right one. Pain originating from the kidneys most often occurs in the back – just under the rib cage,… Read More »

Causes of Peeing Blood

If you spot blood in your urine, whether it’s a bright red or whether your urine has a brown or red tinge, it’s important to get in touch with your Doctor. On some occasions, the amount of blood in urine may be small enough to pass unnoticed, only showing up in a laboratory test. If… Read More »

Causes of Decreased Urine Output

One of the ways in which our body remove toxins and waste is through urination. The amount of liquid we consume each day will determine how much urine our body expects to release per day. It’s important to pay attention to our daily urination habits because urinating less or more than usual can often times… Read More »

High Uric Acid Symptoms

The condition of having disproportionate amounts of uric acid in the blood stream is referred to as a condition called hyperuricemia, or more commonly called high uric acid levels. In some people, a rise in uric acid levels may not be diagnosed due to them being asymptomatic. There are those, however with high levels of… Read More »

Pain After Urination

Any discomfort or pain that accompanies urination is called dysuria. Dysuria has nothing to do with how often one urinates, but dysuria can affect people who have disorders that cause them to urinate more often. People of all ages may experience pain during or after urination. Males experience dysuria, but it is much more common… Read More »

How Long Does It Take To Pass A Kidney Stone ?

Kidney stones, hard lumps of crystals, form in the kidneys from the minerals normally found in your urine. Normally, the chemicals in your urine stop the formation of these crystal masses. However, an infection, your diet, a possible metabolic disorder, or simply genetics may affect the way the chemicals function. After a kidney stone has… Read More »

Ammonia Smell in Urine

It is possible to tell how healthy you are by the look of your urine. Ideally it should be clear and without any smell. This is because taking enough fluids and emptying your bladder regularly result in odorless urine. In this guide, we will consider numerous reasons why some people’s urine has an ammonia smell… Read More »

Chronic Bladder Infections

UTIs, or urinary tract infections, can happen to both men and women. The common UTI is second in line for the most common reasons people go to the doctor. Over eight million women suffer from urinary tract infections every year. It is not quite so common for men. About 20% of women who have one… Read More »