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Glow In The Dark Contacts

Wearing glow in the dark contact lenses might be a fun idea, but most people wonder if they are really safe to wear. Thousands of these special contact lenses are sold each year, mainly around Halloween. Glow in the dark contacts can be purchased with or without a prescription. If you currently wear contact lenses… Read More »

Contact Stuck In Eye

Ask anyone who wears contact lenses and most people will tell you that a contact stuck under the eyelid, or one flat against their eye are the most annoying problems they encounter. These problems often occur if the eye is rubbed too vigorously, or if the eye dries out. Sometimes the thin plastic lens will… Read More »

Sty In Eye

If you have a stye in your eye, the symptoms you’re most likely to notice are swollen eyelid and pain. You may also notice that you are being more sensitive to light (photophobia) and you have watery eyes. There are a few less likely symptoms too, such as blurred vision, a burning feeling in your… Read More »

Swollen Eyeball

The human eye is an organ that has a number of different functions. It reacts to light and allows vision in mammals as it is a concious sense organ. The retina is the part of the eye that allows vision through rods and cones. Differentiation between colours and perception of depth is possible with vision… Read More »

Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

There are three kinds of tints that color contacts come in, and they are: Visibility Tint: Visibility tints exist solely to help you see the lens better during insertion and removal, or in case you drop it. They are faint in color, with a light blue or green tint added to the lens, and do… Read More »

Causes of Color Blindness

Color blindness happens when the cells in the retina don’t respond to the various wavelengths of light that the eye uses to see color. These cells are called the rods and cones, or photoreceptors. Cones have the job of detecting colors, while the rods are sensitive to the light that enters the eye. There are… Read More »

Eye Socket Pain

Eye socket pain is often due to a pressure pushing on the ocular nerves; there are many different causes for this type of pain. Eye disorders may be to blame, but the pain could also be from allergies or infections, including the common cold and flu. In rare cases, the blame can be placed squarely… Read More »

Causes of Blood shot Eyes

People can be susceptible at times to developing blood shot eyes. Although not usually a serious condition, such redness is often a reaction to an internal bodily occurrence or an external trigger factor. As a direct result of eye irritation our eyes will react in several ways, for example, they can produce noticeable red lines… Read More »

Yellowing of the Eyes

Sometimes the white part of the eyes actually appear to be yellow instead of white. Most of the time, this is caused by a condition known as jaundice. This is usually due to bilirubin that builds up inside the body, typically when there is a problem with the liver. Bilirubin is usually present in fecal… Read More »