How Long Do Cold Sores Last?

Fever blisters, better known as cold sores, are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. These annoying blisters are usually found all around the mouth, on the lips, sometimes even on the nose or chin. Starting off as small red spots that resemble pimples, cold sores are extremely itchy and painful. Soon these spots become filled… Read More »

Glow In The Dark Contacts

Wearing glow in the dark contact lenses might be a fun idea, but most people wonder if they are really safe to wear. Thousands of these special contact lenses are sold each year, mainly around Halloween. Glow in the dark contacts can be purchased with or without a prescription. If you currently wear contact lenses… Read More »

Iodine Overdose

Most people could not eat enough iodine loaded foods in one day to cause a toxicity in their body. Most of us only get around 210 to 300 micrograms of iodine a day. Levels a bit higher than this can be handled by the body. Larger amounts could be toxic, especially to children. Children, because… Read More »

Pain Under Left Armpit

Did you know that the armpit is a very sensitive part of your body? There are a ton of blood vessels and nerves that run through your armpit. People don’t normally think of the armpit as a place where they would feel a lot of pain, but pain can be felt there from a variety… Read More »

Sinus Infection – Contagious

Sinus infections, also called sinusitis, often cause inflamed nasal passages which give sufferers a headache and make it hard for them to breathe. The sinuses are hollow cavities within the nasal passages. They are located behind the cheek bones, across the lower forehead, and between the eyes. Infections leading to pain can be felt in… Read More »

Baking Soda For Heartburn

Baking soda is a white crystalline powder that has an alkaline taste. Baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, and bicarbonate of soda are all different names for the very same thing. Baking soda is used in baking, and is used in a lot of medicines. It is also used in fire extinguishers, effervescent salts, and artificial mineral… Read More »

Numbness In Right Hand

Numbness in either hand may indicate there is a problem with circulation or nerves. Numbness on one side is usually due to a nerve problem in the arm, hand or shoulder. If nerves are not involved, then the numbness is often due to a lack of circulation in the hand. There are a number of… Read More »

Shingles Without Rash

Herpes zoster, more commonly called shingles, is a viral disease caused by the herpes vericella virus. This virus is in the same family as chickenpox. Doctors have no trouble diagnosing shingles because there is a rash with blisters that usually goes along with the disease. In rare cases one can have shingles without the rash,… Read More »

Nitric Oxide Foods

Nitric Oxide is produced by just about every type of cell in our body. It plays a crucial role in the way the cells function, as well as regulating both the immune system and the nervous systems. A few other things that Nitric Oxide does are: Nitric Oxide works in both the central and the… Read More »