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Headache Behind Left Eye

People often complain about pain behind their left eye. This pain is often felt as a steady ache, or it could be as bad as shooting pains that seem to pierce the eye. The eye may appear droopy, and may not want to stay open. Pain, redness, contracted pupils, sensitivity to light, a stuffy nose,… Read More »

Sleep and Memory

How much does sleep affect memory? It is said that those who suffer from persistent sleep deprivation tend to be more prone to having ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and blood vessels that are narrower than normal. Each one of these ailments are known to decrease the flow of blood that is feeding… Read More »

Rattlesnake Bite Treatment

Rattlesnakes can be found in almost all locations because they live in a wide variety of habitats. They live in areas at sea level right up to mountain areas. They are most commonly found between spring and autumn when the weather is warmer in habitats including forests, deserts and wetlands. Damage to tissue in the… Read More »

Causes of Flushed Face

Blushing is defined as a sudden reddening of the skin. This condition can be very embarrassing, and can cause a heightened level of concern for those persons who are effected by it. When one is distressed, angered, embarrassed or experienced other strong emotions, the reddening of the face in these instances is called blushing, and… Read More »

Symptoms of Mild Concussion

Concussions are generally related to an accident which caused your upper body or head to be shaken violently, like your head being hit. A concussion in reality is a brain injury which happens because of these accidents. These injuries can have an effect on your memory, concentration, coordination, judgment, balance and can give the affected… Read More »

Numbness in Hands and Feet

The term numbness is a wide description used for a sensation in any area of the body that feels unusual. However, the term is more commonly used in reference to these sensations in the feet and hands, at times including the legs and arms. Numbness can also be experienced in any part of the body,… Read More »

Blood Clots in the Brain

Having a blood clot in the brain can lead to what is called an Ischemic stroke. An Ischemic stroke occurs when there is a blockage in an artery that leads to the brain, resulting into some parts of the brain being starved of the nutrients and oxygen. Cellular waste and carbon dioxide can also build-up… Read More »

Passing Out from Pain

There are many reasons for fainting. The most common and simple episode is a nerve-related syncope or vasovagal attack. You see this mainly in young adults and children, and the cause is a fast drop in blood pressure, which lowers the amount of blood going through the brain leading to loss of consciousness. You’ll experience… Read More »